MINUTES Ė SCTPOA Annual Homeowners Meeting

JULY 1, 2017


The meeting was called to order at 10:00 am

Present: Kay Carnahan, Pat Donahoo, Dena Stark, Bob Moore, Carol Vigil, Paul Ellsworth, Ross Brunson, Steve Hoellein, Bob Echard 

Minutes were read by Dena Stark.   Motion to approve minutes by Sherri Dutson, second by Linda Maxwell and then approved by the owners.  

Presidentís Report 

We received 6 nice metal signs about wearing helmets and ATV safety to hang in the park along with ATV class information. 

Pool keys are $30 each and each lot can only have one key.  Concerns were voiced about the lock on the womenís pool door.  Options are going through the menís side or blocking the door which would be a risk for children going inside and drowning.  We will purchase a shower curtain for privacy and replace broken shower head.

Dumpsters are being abused and inappropriate items are being placed there.  Everything that isnít bagged must be taken to the local dump.  Kay asked everyone to police this area and remind others of the rules.

Kay reminded everyone of park rules regarding barking dogs, helmets and speed limits. 

Treasurerís Report 

Randy Peterson was thanked for his years of service to our park and for coming back to present the 2016 financial report.  He covered the revenues and expenses along with major changes in categories.  He talked about the importance of cash and assured the members that our park is in good financial solvency.  Owners asked about plans for improvements such as roads and the pool.  Randy assured the owners that we have funds to cover any serious repair.  Cora Moore made a motion to approve the Treasurerís report, seconded by Kenneth Young then approved by the owners. 

Election of Trustees Nominations-

Nominations for new board members were asked for.Nominations were: Trent Snow, Deloy Harris, Doug Barker, Kay Carnahan, and Pat Donahoo. Each nominee introduced themselves and gave a short background.  Trent Snow sent a letter. Ballots were collected. 

Committee Reports

ACC- Lannie Wilkes introduced himself and went over the process of contacting him for any project request in our park.  There was some discussion about fences and common area. 

Water Board-Kay reported on the water board.  They are trying to become an LID Local Improvement District to be eligible for additional funding.  The water meters are slow to be installed because of funding.  They have indicated a 2018 increase.  We informed all that our annual assessment consists of $540 for our assessment and $160 for the water companyís assessment.  That goes right to the water company and it is used for repairs throughout our service district.

 Beautification-Rick and Paul oversee this committee.  They provide a list of lots needing attention to Kay and Bob. Then letters are sent reminding the owners of their responsibility to keep their lots clean.  We will then get bids and give them the opportunity to clean their lot or we will have it cleaned and the cost will be added to their assessment. 

 Early Bird Drawing-  Lot #56 Lynn Edwards.  In the future the owner must be present to win.

 Ballot Results- Results were Kay Carnahan, Pat Donahoo, Doug Barker and Deloy Harris

 Other Business-

No Smoking in the Pool area.

No Fireworks in the Park and we will not be doing fireworks as a park activity this year because of regulations.

Be aware of fire bans as the season progresses.

Kids have been putting rocks in the sewer clean outs causing back up problems.

Chairs are missing from the pool.

Parade tonight at 5:00.

Band at the basketball court at 7:00.

Annual Dinner will be Aug 19, 2017 - 5:00 happy hour and 6:00 dinner.  Bring a potluck dish to share.

We would like to thank Ross Brunson and his family for their hard work in organizing our breakfast and dinner each year.


Meeting adjourned at 11:47 am


Dena Stark








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