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Stop and Waste Valve Extenders (Required for all homes for Winter of 2013-14)

Last winter we had a leak in the park that ended up wasting a lot of water and costing us money that we could have avoided paying. The problems were that the owner left the water turned on during the winter months and in the deep snow, it was very difficult to find the stop and waste valve to turn the water off. The water leaked for several days while the shut off valve was being located. This year the water company is requiring that all lots in the park have a 4 ft. extension on the stop and waste valve for the winter. ( See picture to the right) This will allow the water company to easily see where your stop and waste valve is if they need to shut your water off. It is made of 4 inch pipe, a coupler to connect with your current stop and waste, and a cap.You can build this yourself or Rick Bywater, our park manager, can build it for you. He has been able to get parts at a good price and can build these for $20.00 or less depending on what type of valve you currently have. If it is not installed by October 15th, Rick will install one and bill you for it. Rick's email is rbearlake@hotmail.com .

Information on Backflow Preventers:

State Law requires that all homeowners update their homes with backflow preventers wherever a drinking water source comes in contact with a potential contamination source. These are considered cross connections. For us, this means that all hose bibs and sprinkling systems need to have  preventers installed. The good news is, that in most cases, these backflow preventers can be installed by the homeowner and are reasonably priced. Even better news, one of our homeowners, Gary Jenkins owns a backflow preventer business and will sell the needed equipment to any of us at his cost. His contact phone number is 801 971-2224. gary@backflow-supply.com  

  Information on Quagga Mussels


From Bear Lake Watch - Attention Bearlakers!


We want to make sure you have this official announcement from Lake Powell.

"Fourteen widely dispersed adult quagga mussels were found attached to moored houseboats and dock structures. The mussels were alive, but too far apart to successfully reproduce."

(Please read the full report attached) 


With spring upon us and with ice still on Bear Lake, many of you are making plans to take advantage of the early warmth of Lake Powell or other points south. Please, please, please be cognizant of the risk that your water craft could be a carrier of these invaders (and for that matter - other unknown threats).


Make sure you not only clean the exterior of your boat, but be extra diligent of DRYING EVERYTHING that has been in contact with the water. Anchors and ropes have been found to be a common carrier. Plus, perhaps the more difficult place to unknowingly carry mussels, is in bilge and ballast water. Check with your boat manufacture to determine how you can in fact evacuate all water. The configuration of some boats don't completely pump out or drain all compartments.


We are very concerned with the Mussel Intervention plans of both Utah and Idaho and are working to bring the states together for a single cooperative plan for Bear Lake. In our view, Bear Lake is not just another reservoir, it is a natural jewel that is highly treasured and should be as such. If you have ideas, suggestions or just comments on your experiences, please pass them on to us. 

Subject: Fire Pits in the Bear Lake Area Garden City Fire District 

Minimum Pit size: 30 Diameter X 18 Depth

All materials surrounding the pit shall be of a noncombustible type of material, extending out a minimum of 5 from any point of the fire pit. The Fire Pit shall not be located  within 30 of any structure.  There shall be no overhanging foliage within 5x the diameter of the pit. In all of these dimensions and setbacks common sense needs to be used.

  These pits are to be used for recreational burning and not for the burning of construction debris, weed, or trash.  At no time shall the use of a fire pit create a nuisance to surrounding neighbors. Common sense and prudence shall be used at all times while the fire pit is in use. A water supply shall be in the direct vicinity of the pit for extinguishment when necessary. When high winds or dry conditions exist, the pit is not to be used.

  The rules established by the Garden City Fire District for outside fire pits, do not replace or override existing Home Owners Association Rules and Regulations. In cases where the Fire District rules are more stringent then the Home Owners Association rules, the Fire District rules will apply.

  Please check with your Home Owners Association for their rules on burning in your development before proceeding with the construction of your fire pit.

  All fire pits can be looked at, on an individual basis for extenuating circumstances that may be able to be worked out.

  The purpose for this permit is to keep the Bear Lake Valley safe and beautiful for all property owners and their guests for a very long time.  

  At the completion of your pit and before use please contact the Fire Department for an inspection of your pit.  At approved completion of your pit you will be issued a permit, which is valid for 5 years from the date of issue. An inspection of your pit can be done at any time and if found to not be up to permit standards, your permit can and will be revoked.

  You can contact me at my office # (435) 764-1206, or leave a message and I will get back to you, I will answer any questions or schedule in time to look at your location with any advice that might help in the placement of your fire pit.

 Thank You

Fire Chief

Dan Kurek

Information on New Water Meters

All owners on Edgemont Drive and Keel Street will need to run a line from the meter box to their trailer or stand pipe by October 1, 2013 or next fall.  Meters will not be put in place until after they are purchased. 

All owners will need to purchase a meter at the cost of $260.00.  A letter from the Bear Lake Water Company will be coming sometime before next summer. This letter will give information as to final cost, and how to pay for them. The meters will be put in by the Water Company.

 As a board we do not endorse any particular contractor. However, we thought it might be helpful for you to have some names of local companies who can run lines.  Owners can do their own if they desire.

These are local contractors.

Darin Lutz - Lutz Construction, 435-737-6376

Chantry Argyle - Dirt Head, 435-757-3672

Ned Calder - NC Dirt Works, 435-881-1781