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Spring 2016 Newsletter



It is a punishable offense to allow possible cross contamination of water systems. This occurs when water from a home, sprinkler system, hose, RV , etc. flows back into the system.

There are still many owners who have not complied with the numerous requests to install back flow preventers! This is not a matter of personal choice. It is a requirement that must be met.

We plan to have these available for purchase at the annual meeting. They will also be available from the board throughout the season.

They are inexpensive and easy to install.




DATE: July 2, 2016

PLACE: Garden City Offices

TIME: 10:00 am

Please Plan to attend!


A porta potty will be placed near the lower playground. Please remind family and guests not to abuse this convenience.


Please consider running for the board, if you would be willing to volunteer your time and skills. Send an email or letter to Kay if you are interested.

Board Members who are running this year are:

Bob Moore Curtis Stromberg

Carol Vigil Paul Ellsworth



Please make sure that your lots are free of weeds and debris. If you cannot do the work yourself we do have some local companies that have agreed to do the work for a fee.



The code that could be used to enter the pool has been deactivated. You must now use you key card to enter.

Key replacements are $15.00 and will require the deactivation of the originally issued key.




DATE: July 2, 2016

TIME: 5:00 pm


The speed limit throughout the park is 10mph. Please adhere to it!

Stop signs are for everyone’s safety! STOP!



DATE: June 25, 2016

TIME: 8:30 am


DATE: August 20, 2016

Please plan to come at 5:00 to get to know new neighbors and renew old friendships!

Bring a family size side dish to share. Dinner will be served at about 6:00.


All dogs must be on a leash.

Dogs barking excessively, chasing people and/or exhibiting other aggressive behaviors are the owner’s liability.

Clean up your pets waste from common areas and roadways.

This is an excerpt from the BLWC minutes explaining their stance on responsibility for water lines in the park.

Confusion over Who is Responsible ~

One issue is that there is a widespread feeling within the Trailer Park that the Water Company is responsible for the water lines right up to and including the faucet that serves their trailer. The reason for that feeling likely comes from the fact that the original Park developer planned the Park to be a transient area for campers and trailers who would come, stay for a few or several days, and then leave. As a result, the Park developer(s) ran the water lines randomly through the area with no record of location and with the assumption that any water system problem could be fixed simply by moving any trailers that might be in the way of needed repair work. In that type of a situation the Park operator assumed responsibility for the entire water system up to and including the hydrants to which trailer owners connected and used as their culinary water source.

Once people began to purchase individual lots and install trailers and/or units more or less permanently with landscaping and elevation walls, the individual owner’s relationship to the water system changed. Trailers are now extremely difficult or impossible to move, and any water system repairs that have to be done on the owner’s property can result in damage to those things that have been constructed or installed by the property owner as improvements to the property owner’s lot or residence.

The policy of the Water Company throughout its service area is that it is responsible for main lines in the system and laterals up to the individual customer’s property line. Anything on the customer’s side of the property line is the responsibility of the customer. There are exceptions in the Trailer Park because instead of water mains having been run in roadways, we sometimes find that water lines installed by the original Trailer Park developer run across what is now private property. Sometimes water mains even run under trailers and/or out buildings. In those cases, the Water Company is responsible either to repair or reroute the mainline that crosses private property. That is the reason that the Water Company has been gradually installing new main lines in the Trailer Park streets with laterals to the property line where setters and meters will be installed. There is no use doing that work, however, if individual property owners refuse to purchase the meter so that they can hook into the new line. It is important to note that in all other areas of the BLWC service area, property owners pay a $3,000 connection fee which includes the cost of installing the lateral line from the water main to the property line plus purchasing and installing the meter barrel, the setter, and the meter. When a new water main is installed in a Trailer Park street the property owner is only asked to pay for the meter (currently $235) plus take care of the connection between the meter and the trailer.

Terry Allen proposed that the same policy be followed in the Trailer Park as in the rest of the BLWC Service Area. We are responsible for the main lines and the laterals up to the property line. Main lines that run across private property are a special situation and will be handled as deemed appropriate by the Water Company.



All lots must be cleared of weeds and debris by June 30, 2016.

This includes weeds on all four sides of the lot(s) .

Broken down or damaged decks and sheds need to be repaired. DO NOT dump limbs, weeds, leaves, or junk on common land!

Fine letters will be issued after June 30, 2016.













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