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Building Permit Requirements




Before you begin building any structure on your property, you MUST fill out a form and have it approved by the park Architectural Control Committee. Rich County will not issue building permits unless your project has been approved by the park's own ACC. If you build without approval from the ACC, your project may be in violation of rules and you may have to remove the structure. For your own protection, please review these rules and procedures carefully before embarking on any building project.


Building Permit Requirements






S.C.T.P.O.A. Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions stipulate that the Architectural Control Committee (ACC) be composed of a minimum of (4) individuals chosen by the board of trustees of the association.  The committee shall adopt policies and procedures, subject to approval by the board of trustees, for its operation.

No building, Improvement, addition, or landscaping shall be commenced, erected, placed, installed, or altered on any Lot until the construction plans and specifications showing the nature, shape, heights, materials, colors, and proposed location of the Improvement have been submitted to and approved in writing by the Architectural Control Committee. The AC Committee is not responsible for determining compliance with structural and building codes, zoning codes, or other governmental regulations, all of which are the responsibility of the applicant.  

Requirements for Submission. Any proposal application is not deemed submitted until: (1) all documents and plans pertaining to the proposal have been given to the AC Committee, and (2) the applicant has received written acknowledgement of receipt by a member of the AC Committee.  The date stated on the AC Committee’s written acknowledgment shall begin the timeframe for the review and decision. 

 DECISION. The Architectural Control Committee may, at its sole discretion, withhold consent to any proposed work if the AC Committee finds any proposal application does not contain sufficient detail, or the proposed work would be inappropriate for the particular Lot or incompatible with the design standards that the AC Committee intends for the Project.  

STANDARD. Considerations such as shape, size, design, height, impairment of the view from other Lots within the Project or other effect on the enjoyment of other Lots or the Common Areas, disturbance of existing terrain and vegetation and any other factors which the Committee reasonably believes to be relevant, may be taken into account by the AC Committee in determining whether or not to consent to any proposed work.

 Liability. Neither the Architectural Control Committee nor any member thereof shall be liable to any Owner, occupant, builder, or developer for any damage, loss, or prejudice suffered or claimed on account of any action or failure to act of the AC Committee or a member thereof, provided that the member has, in accordance with the actual knowledge possessed by him, acted in good faith.

SURVEYS, A survey by a licensed surveyor is recommended before any construction is undertaken to avoid property disputes.  Owners are liable for any disputes between other owners, building inspectors or Rich County.

NONWAIVER. Consent by the Architectural Control Committee to any matter proposed to it or within its jurisdiction shall not be deemed to constitute a precedent or waiver impairing its right to withhold approval as to any similar matter thereafter proposed or submitted to it for consent.

EFFECTIVE PERIOD OF CONSENT. The Architectural Control Committee's consent to any proposed work shall automatically be revoked one (1) year after issuance unless construction of the work has been commenced or the Owner has applied for and received an extension of time from the AC Committee.

APPEAL. The decision of the AC Committee may, at the request of any of the parties affected be appealed to the Board of Trustees.  If appealed, the decision of the Board shall be final, binding, and conclusive on all of the parties affected.  

CONSTRUCTION. Once begun, any Improvements, construction and landscaping approved by the Committee shall be diligently prosecuted to completion within one year.



Responsibility of Owners. Each Owner shall maintain his Lot and Improvements thereon in a clean and attractive condition, in good repair, and in such fashion as not to create a fire hazard. Such maintenance shall include, without limitation, painting, repair, replacement, and care for roofs, gutters, downspouts, exterior building surfaces, walks, and other exterior Improvements and glass surfaces. In addition, each Owner shall keep all shrubs, trees, grass, and plantings of every kind on his Lot neatly trimmed, properly cultivated and free of trash, weeds, and other unsightly material.

Boats and Trailers. No mobile home over 20 years old may be placed on any lot.   


No foundations are allowed.

Multi- story structures are not allowed.

Storage sheds are allowed when approved by the AC Committee. 

Units placed on lots cannot exceed 16’ in height.  This restriction applies to original, as well as, new roofs, and roof structures.

Set backs are 8 feet on one side , 10 feet on the other side subject to neighboring units.  Front set backs are 10 feet from the property line. Rear set backs are 9 feet.  An exception may be made where there is common area butting up to the rear property line.  In that case a variance may be granted to allow a 1 foot setback.  If common area abuts the side of the property, a 5 foot setback may be allowed.  All measurements will be taken from the outside edge of the trailer, deck or steps at the widest point. 18 feet is required between neighboring units.

No fences are allowed except along retaining walls, for safety.  No fence over 36” in height is allowed.



Architectural Control Committee





P.O. BOX 126 GARDEN CITY, UT 84028




Lannie Wilkes

Lot 134

P.O. Box 67

Garden City,  UT 84028

Phone 801-631 6915




Chris Crowther-lot#384

284 W 3950 N

Pleasantview, Ut 84414



Lynn Davis-lot#374

1906 Serenity

St. George, Ut  



Robert Ramsey-lot#234

6472 W 3500 S

Hooper, UT  84315


Carol E. Vigil-lot#287

1785 N 6235 E

Eden, UT  84310



James Sparks-lot#169

P.O. Box 169

Garden City, UT 84028



Keith Billings Lot #153

1375 W 1750 N

Farr West, Utah 84404






Click here to download the Architectural Control Request Form.

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