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Board members often hear verbal complaints about the condition of a neighbor's property, all night parties, or other violations of park rules. Unfortunately, the board cannot act upon a verbal complaint or even a vague email complaint. In order to send out warnings and issue fines to those who are breaking the rules, the board needs a written letter describing in detail the problems that exist and how long the problem has been going on. Several letters from various individuals that are written about the same property and the same issues give the board and its attorney better legal ammunition to fight these battles. The names of those individuals filing complaints will be confidential and not mentioned.  It takes all of us to get the park in better shape. By reporting things that you see, you become part of the solution. Few board members live at the lake, even in the summer months. They come for recreation, just like you do and do not have the time to constantly drive through the park writing down every detail of every property violation, but if all of us could take the time to report the more flagrant violations that are visible from our own homes, we can collect the evidence needed to take legal action and help make our community a nicer place.

Your letter can be sent through regular mail or can be an attached document sent through an email. All letters must be sent to:

Bob Moore, PO BOX 9065, Ogden Utah 84409, or SCTPOA@aol.com

If the problem has not been taken care of in a few weeks, please write another letter letting the board know that the problem still exists.

Sample Letter


To: SCTPOA Board

From: Your Own Name

Lot # or Address at the Park: Your Own Address

Address: Where you receive your mail or an email address where you can be reached.


To Whom It May Concern:

I would like to make a formal complaint about a problem with Lot #_____________.  


Describe the problem in detail. If there is junk in the yard, donít just say junk. List specific items and where they are placed in the yard and how long they have been there. If the problem is weeds, tell how tall they are and how long since they have been cut. If the problem has been going on for years, please let us know. If the problem is some type of behavior on the part of the owner or guests of the owner, give details about the behavior, specific dates and times. If the police have been called reference the number on the police report and the name of the investigating officer if available. If the problem is a dog, give specific times that you have seen the dog out or found evidence that it has been in your yard. The more details, the better.



Thank you for your Consideration.





Your Name


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